We’re back! Sort of…..

The Bay

It has been a loooong time since I came to do this blog. My apologies, but it’s probable that all those looking at it regularly gave up a long time since.
For those coming new to the site, and possibly looking for cards and prints, those pages have just been updated. Unfortunately, and with a sign of the times, you won’t be surprised to know that the biggest change will be a small increase in price. So to all our existing or most recent customers, I can only say sorry, but hope you will still appreciate that we are maintaining quality at the most reasonable price possible. It has (literally) been years since we did this!
I’m hoping now that all the work of our builders (the excellent Harbon Builders – our son’s business) – assisted by ourselves, is at an end – and we can breathe the lovely coastal air of Aldwick Bay in peace and tranquillity.
That’s the theory….
During lockdown/building/ all the other major and minor interruptions, the business of selling cards, prints and creating generally has continued, although it has sometimes been quite a balancing act.
But here we go again…….