It’s time for a Christmas Market!

A great market bringing together a diverse selection of makers from the area.

For more information have a look at Handprinted’s wonderfully informative website and blog –

Or their Facebook and Instagram pages for daily updates on current news and who is going to be exhibiting. Me too btw!


A while since I posted – but this gave me the push I needed – I’ve got so many projects on the go…

So personally, I’m going to be as diverse as possible – I’ll post over the next week how things are progressing in the “shed”. I’m going to call it TARDIS as that’s what the panoromic photo below seems to imply….(actually, as a friend said: “at least you can reach everything without moving out of your seat”)

Still can’t put my hand on what I want though! Where did I put that tool/glass/ yarn/finding/pen/that SPECIAL brush/ etc etc…

More to follow – but got to get this lot out of Anne’s kiln first!