Changing times…and places to find me

There are changes coming in the next week or so to the way you will be able to contact me. I will no longer be publishing a website, but will still be around on the internet, so you can still buy cards and prints from me.

So long as you can see the website, you will be able to use the contact form, but after that it will be possible to contact me through Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Jan Harbon should find me on those platforms without difficulty.

If you need to look at the catalogue, just contact me, and I will send you all the images you need by email. I will still be using if you have that address by you.

In the meantime, while I’m learning a lot more on how to cope with the technology (must be easier than wordpress?!) on these sites, I’d just like to thankyou all for the lovely contacts and friends I’ve made through the website.

Au Revoir!

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