Busy Autumn

Welcome to the handmade world Tabitha!

I’m not a great knitter (grandson will testify that I can’t manage to get  sleeves quite right), but I’ve enjoyed making little articles for our new granddaughter. They don’t take so long to do when they are new born – might have to wait longer for results as she grows!

I have been doing other things this Autumn, below is a quick montage of things I’ve been occupied with – and we’ve had a lovely couple of breaks in Devon and Madeira. I’m hoping to get back now to some glass fusing, painting and printing. Oh, and some sewing too. Oh, and another mosaic…..

Recent activities

I have embarked on an advent calendar for Instagram, loading an image per day. I have promised a tutorial on my blog of a  Hellebores and Snowdrops painting this weekend. It’s all prepared, so I hope it will be on this website  by tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed I can cope with the tecchy aspect of it. Trust you enjoy reading it, and the rest of the daily images on Instagram yet to come. Join me tomorrow!

Hellebores and Snowdrops