Possible…Rust and glasshouses textile collage

When I first posted on Instagram (for link see bottom right), and started following people I was interested in, I came across the acronym WIP, and thought well what could that be? Oh well, just not lived I suppose, but then learnt that I was unknowingly a keen participant in the activity…. Here are some items to illustrate Work in Progress…..or Work Half Done…or PIGS (Projects in Grocery bags)……or even Projects Under Bed (PUB)!

patchwork quilt in boro style stitching – going on forever I think
Dragonfly beaded jewellery
anemones silkscreen – planning?
glass fusing on it’s way to Kate’s Kiln…and some blobs going into Anne’s kiln…..

And below, here is one project that may be NEARLY finished….shall I make a lampshade I wonder? Anyway, I would like to add in the (nearly) words of Mr.Hokusai “old woman crazy to¬†sew”….if I can stitch small enough that is.

Hokusai inspired embroidery sampler
silk cocoon paper sampler

And what to do with this one?

But here’s something absolutely PERFECT – my first Gardeners Delight tomatoes. SO proud!

Gardeners Delight: first crop – ever!

Progress on all the above will be reported in future blogs….perhaps!