Down the garden path….

shed 1
The Shed

Time to get the shed ready – it’s warm enough to take the glass cutting and painting equipment down to the bottom of the garden and install myself there until Autumn. It’s probably a bit safer to cut the glass down there than on the dining room table. (due to my inexperience the direction the offcuts tend to go is a bit erratic!). It’s lovely and peaceful too. Not the largest space, but that’s fine. There’s room for my old desk and another of similar size. And LOTS of plastic boxes.

Handprinted, the brilliant studio and print suppliers down the road, hire “open studio” space, so that’s the printing facility sorted. Booking  means I don’t just mess about thinking and not doing- I need to get stuff prepared for the day I’m there.

Seaweed screens
Seaweed screens

I’ve been yet again on the seaweed designs – this time t-shirts, T-towels and long, long scarves in both silk and muslin. Printed a few motifs onto scraps for use in patchwork later too. Think I might clean the screens now and dream up something else- I was getting a bit obsessed with the stuff……still need to do some proper paintings yet though…..

Sea Panel (square)
Abstract Sea Panel (square)

Once it becomes layered, glass seems very tricky to photograph. The edges look as if I’ve moved the camera, but it’s just shadows. Well, you get the gist of it I hope. This one is ready to go on the wall – these fixings hold the glass and then fix it so it stands away from the wall. Clever, huh?seabed-1-copy


Meanwhile, the Winter evenings have been spent making this “seabed” tapestry, with odd bits of wools (plus a bit – it’s always the way – you think it’s thrifty, but rarely ends up that way!). I made it up as I went along, which was more enjoyable than following a pattern, if a bit imperfect both in execution and finish. But it’s all mine!

I then went on (while I was feeling everso thrifty), to a rag rug. It was the first whole rug I’d done. I won’t say it will be the last (there are a lot of old curtains I’ve insisted on carrying from loft to loft), but it was incredibly MESSY and HARD WORK. Geoff said I looked like I was wrestling with it.


Rag Rug

So I’m abandoning big cumbersome jobs in the evening in favour of something called slow stitching. Well, my version anyway. I’m making some pieces in a kind of Japanese Boro method, to eventually become (perhaps) a quilt. Or a jacket?! But NOT a cushion – we have enough! I didn’t seem to be able to think beyond “cushion” for ages. Maybe I’ll show a bit of it next blog. But it IS SLOW and a lot gentler!!